Dr. Christina E. West, DC, QME, IDE, BFA
Chiropractic Family Care
14 Bryson Drive – Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Also available in Rancho Murieta & Half Moon Bay   1-888-838-5337

surfergirlSports injuries among children are often ignored as “growing pains,” when actually spinal joints and extremities become “locked up” or fixated and move improperly. Decreased endurance, slow reflexes, restriction of motion and weakened strength may be the result for professional athletes, “weekend warriors,” joggers and children participating in various sports. Competitive athletes and active families are realizing that muscles, ligaments and tendons depend on proper alignment and normal spinal function for peak performance. Close to the time of an injury, chiropractors can assist the speed of healing tissues and reduce long-term problems that may appear in later years.

Dr. West can help to restore normal range of motion, improve blood circulation, reduce scar tissue from forming and speed the healing process without the use of pain medications, muscle relaxers, steroid injections and even surgery. You would be surprised to learn that even a joint pain in the hand, wrist, elbows, shoulder, ankle or knee can be resolved by chiropractic adjustment.