Dr. Christina E. West, DC, QME, IDE, BFA
Chiropractic Family Care
14 Bryson Drive – Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Also available in Rancho Murieta & Half Moon Bay   1-888-838-5337

The important step in completing recovery is to follow through with rehabilitation.

If you have had an injury or long-standing problem without rehabilitation, your healing will not be complete. Your condition will recur or relapse. Chiropractic adjustment has the exquisite function of getting to the root of the problem by re-educating the body while strengthening the spine, extremities and soft tissues. Specific adjustments combined with a home stretching program, resistance training or specific exercises will improve muscle tone. Dr. West is a co-partner with you to develop a system, whether at home, at the gym, or with a personal trainer, that works for your lifestyle.