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Health Begins at Home

ina_backChiropractors have been helping families for over a hundred years. At Chiropractic Family Care, we believe that when a couple decides to start a family, the husband and wife should personally be under chiropractic care at least six months before conception. Why? Because chiropractic will eliminate any interferences and set a perfect environment for that new life to begin.

The husband needs to consider that his body needs to reduce the stresses of his job, the pressure of commuting in a car, and minimize sports or job-related injuries. The wife is preparing herself to be the perfect vessel for the miracle that will delight them both. The child and mother, during pregnancy, also need chiropractic care to keep circulation optimal and minimize nerve interference for a non-invasive birth.

After the miracle of birth, the child may need a well-baby check to make sure his or her cranium and spinal cord have not had any trauma during the birth process, to give the child a great start in life. Dr. West offers every new child a Complimentary Well-Baby Chiropractic Check…click here for your Newborn’s First Start coupon.

The new mom also needs post-partum care to keep her body at its maximum potential for the child and the new demands that she now faces. Her body has gone through many changes and needs to return to normal excellent health, as she regains muscle tone, begins breast feeding, lifting baby as he grows, and enters a whole new world with her child.

Children, as they grow, regularly see a pediatrician. Ideally, your child should have both a pediatrician and a pediatric-chiropractor. These medical professionals work hand-in-hand to perform annual check-ups; the pediatrician for crisis care, providing medications when needed; the pediatric chiropractor for preventative care to provide a healthy spine and healthy nervous system without the use of drugs. If needed, Dr. West is available to discuss your pediatric questions, and to provide the latest research on pediatric chiropractic care. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common Pediatric Chiropractic questions.

Dr. West offers reasonable Family Plans to keep everyone at optimum energy for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. West offers a Complimentary Consultation for every member of the family…click here for your Family First Visit coupon.